How to Play


It’s Easy and it’s FREE to play!

To start, you’ll need to download the Gallery Game App to your phone. It’s free and you can get it right here, just scroll down the page.

The Game will start at a different location for each of the four Gallery Games of 2019. Come visit the “GO” site before 6:00pm, enjoy a drink, and wait for the announcement to begin the game. Once the games have been announced you’ll be given your first puzzle to solve at your “GO” site location. You’ll also be given a password to start the game on your App which will give you a hint for a clue to find at each of the participating galleries. Visit the galleries listed, in any order you wish, and grab the answers to solve the puzzle which has been graciously provided by Exit Plan! 

Participating galleries will be open until 8:00pm that night for you to check out the art work and work toward solving the puzzle.  Enter your answer into the App and see if you have solved the puzzle.

Once you have gathered the clues from the galleries, you will then be directed to a final “END” site where an envelope will be given to you by request. This envelope will hold the final puzzle of the evening, which you will have until 9:00 to complete! The enclosed information will also prompt you to fill out your email, phone contact, and team name. This information is important in order for us to contact you when a winner has been determined! Two winners will be chosen and contacted by the end of the month!




There aren’t many.

  1. Check in at the Go site by 6:00pm and solve the first puzzle

  2. Visit all the galleries before 8:00

  3. Each player must arrive at the END site and complete the final puzzle by 9:00

  4. Any number of players can be on a team but you’ll have to decide who will receive the gift certificate


click here to download the app: